Mergero recent deals list

16 January 2023

Software group Saarni Cloud is growing again – CSI Helsinki and Kiva Work join the group

Software solutions to support work and employees have led the Saarni Cloud group to strong growth. Now the group is strengthening its range of services with new business arrangements. With […]
10 November 2022

Sorvi Finland Oy acquires Lajupek Oy

Deal description: SORVI FINLAND OY has on 10.11.2022 acquired the entire share capital of Lajupek Oy. Lajupek Oy has been operating since 1972 as a producer, craftsman and innovator in […]
15 July 2022

QMG continues to grow by buying the industrial electrical specialist Mesiel

Deal description: Building technology group QMG increases expertise in electrical, automation, HVAC and refrigeration technology through its acquisition of Mesiel. QMG’s strategy is to grow both through acquisitions and organically. […]
9 June 2022

Oy M-Filter Ab has acquired the entire share capital of Filter Partner Oy in Salo

Deal description: Filter Partner Oy is a company founded in Salo in 2006 that focuses on the manufacture, sale and marketing of IV and process filters and is one of […]
29 April 2022

Nastarakennus Oy has become part of Puukoti Group Oy

Deal description: Nastarakennus Oy has become part of Puukoti Group Oy after a carefully considered expansion plan. Puukoti Group Oy has acquired a majority stake in Nastarakennus Oy in a […]
1 April 2022

Vantaan Kiinnike ja Rak Oy aims for growth supported by Sponsor Capital

Deal description: As a result of the ownership arrangement implemented on March 31, 2022, Sponsor Capital will join as a new owner to support the implementation of the growth plan […]
26 January 2022

LapWall acquires the business of Termater, which manufactures timber-framed roof elements

Deal description: Termater designs, manufactures and installs multi-deck roof elements for the needs of industry, commercial construction, schools, sports facilities and agriculture. The product range includes e.g. LOISTO wooden roof […]
19 January 2022

Selekta acquired a majority stake in Varsinais-Suomen Apuvoima Oy

Deal description: Selekta Varsinais-Suomi, part of the Selekta Group, has acquired 85 percent of the shares in Varsinais-Suomen Apuvoima. Varsinais-Suomen Apuvoima hires personnel especially in the industries of industry, services, […]
18 January 2022

Discendum and Likeit Nepton Group joining forces

Deal description: Discendum has joined Likeit Nepton Group community. The renewed Likeit Nepton Group is a strong software group providing SaaS services in the fields of HR, learning, work management, […]
17 January 2022

QMG Partners acquires Hausmatic Oy

Deal description: QMG Partners, the service business group of the building services group QMG, acquires Hausmatic, which contracts and maintains building automation in Uusimaa, Finland. In line with its strategy, […]
13 January 2022

Kare Invest Oy invests in the growth of Restok Oy

Deal description: The established Restok Group will be built into a strong and versatile customer-focused group for renovation construction. Expanding the ownership base will enable strategic acquisitions in addition to […]
5 January 2022

Alligo acquires Liukkosen Pultti in Finland

Deal description: Tools Finland Oy, a company within the Alligo Group, has entered into an agreement to acquire 100 per cent of the shares in the Finnish company Liukkosen Pultti […]
31 August 2021

Ympäristönsuunnittelu Oy has sold its measurement business to Pirkanmaan Mittauspalvelu Oy

Deal description: On August 31, 2021, Pirkanmaan Mittauspalvelu Oy and Ympäristönsuunnittelu Oy entered into a business transaction in which the measurement business of Ympäristönsuunnittelu Oy will be transferred to Pirkanmaan […]
30 June 2021

Ekokuljetus JNH Oy has merged with Itä-Suomen Murskauskeskus Oy

Deal description: Ekokuljetus JNH Oy and Itä-Suomen Murskauskeskus Oy (“ISMK”) merge. With the arrangement, Ekokuljetus Group’s business area will expand geographically to Eastern Finland. The aim is to continue to […]
21 June 2021

Urajärven Metalli Oy has been sold to Sysi Oy and Korpi Capital

Deal description: Korpi Capital Oy has purchased the shares of Urajärven Metalli Oy together with the other owners of its portfolio company Sysi Oy. Urajärven Metalli Oy is a machine […]
5 May 2021

Mäkelän Sähkö Oy has merged with Lahden LVI-talo Oy

Deal description: Mäkelän Sähkö Oy, which has been operating for more than 80 years, and Lahti LVI-talo Oy, which has been operating for almost 20 years, merged into the Mäsätech […]
1 May 2021

LikeIT Has merged with Nepton

Deal description: The combined Likeit Nepton Group is a strong software group providing SaaS services for human resources, time tracking, financial management and analytics. Likeit is a provider of SaaS […]
31 March 2021

Three measurement companies merge to form Mittaus Group Holding Oy

Deal description: MittausGroup Holding Oy is a company founded by the owners of Pirkanmaan Mittauspalvelu Oy, Koillis Mittaus Oy and JT -ittaus Oy, as well as Oy Wedeco Ab. The […]
1 February 2021

LiinWay Oy and Rema Partners Oy Have merged into Loikka Solutions

Deal description: Loikka Solutions is a modern sales development specialist that approaches the sales field holistically. We understand how the factors that affect sales results are reflected in each other: […]
10 November 2020

Jusmar Construction Receives growth capital from Korpi Capital

Deal description: Rakennusliike Jusmar Oy, which focuses on renovation projects, has implemented a corporate arrangement with the investment company Korpi Capital Oy. After the transaction, Jussi Airaksinen will continue as […]
18 September 2020

Robotmation Receives Growth Capital

Deal description: Robotmation receives cash injection from Finnish technology companies Entrepreneur Rami Leijón wants to grow Robotmation, which offers robotics solutions for companies, to a new size category. The software […]
2 September 2020

Ekokuljetus JNH Oy, Finells Transport Ab and Pohjanmaan Hyötykäyttö Oy Have merged

The deal Three companies providing waste management and recycling services have merged their businesses. Ekokuljetus JNH Oy, Finells Transport Ab and Pohjanmaan Hyötykyttö Oy’s Kokkola business operations will be merged. […]
27 September 2019

Lainisalo Oy painting business has been sold to Pitomaalaus Oy

The deal Pitomaalaus Oy acquired the painting business of Lainisalo Rakennusmaalaus Oy The painting business operations of Lainisalo Rakennusmaalaus Oy will be transferred to Pitomaalaus Oy as a result of […]
29 August 2019

Mestek Oy Has been sold to OAK

The deal Oulun Autokuljetus Oy (OAK) has acquired the entire share capital of Mestek Oy. Mestek Oy was founded in 2005 and specializes in infrastructure construction, bridge construction and measurement […]